Our Expertise.

AstraUTM provides a range of features and services to the clients based on their requirements and projects while delivering beyond expectations.

1.Airspace Management.

AstraUTM uses an advanced system enabling clients to organize the airspace into zones based on the regulatory requirements, and can be dynamically reconfigured to accommodate for any planned or sudden changes within the airspace. This provides for a sophisticated validation and authorization process involving all relevant stakeholders.

2.Strategic & Dynamic Deconfliction.

Operational deconfliction is a key function of the AstraUTM system, allowing for safe and controlled operations when multiple active drones are in close proximity. The system assists in the strategic and dynamic deconfliction of the drones and maintains a safe separation between them. With an enhanced n-n deconfliction process, the system has the capability to resolve conflicts arising between any number of drones efficiently and suggest a safe operating path. AstraUTM automatically resolves the conflict between drones by sending Traffic Advisory Notifications (TANs) which instruct pilots on their operations.

3.Flight Management.

AstraUTM manages incoming flight requests by verifying the request details against regional airspace regulations to provide automated authorizations, or when necessary, provides a logical workflow for approval from multiple authorities. Once approved, all active flight operations are tracked in real-time and are visible on AstraUTM’s intuitive GIS interface.

4.Regulatory Compliance (Regional & International).

At AstraUTM, our continued R&D ensures that we are up to date on airspace regulations in jurisdictions around the world, enabling rapid deployment and airspace integration of our UTM solution for our global clients.


AstraUTM’s Network Drone feature is an advanced remote network ID feature which allows for the safe and controlled operation of BVLOS flights which can be piloted remotely from anywhere in the world, while seamlessly integrating live-streaming capabilities.

6.Customizable Instance.

AstraUTM is a highly customizable UTM solution and can be configured to our client’s unique specifications, and as per the regulatory requirements within their respective jurisdictions.

7.Data Analytics.

AstraUTM uses powerful analytic tools to help clients to analyze data from flight records and create a meaningful visualization. The system generates reports and statistics based on recorded data parameters in the UTM. A customizable analytics dashboard lets users build widgets which can give an overview of the reports and metrics as desired by the clients.

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