About AstraUTM.

Checkout our story, mission and vision and message from our CEO.

Our Story.

AstraUTM has established itself as a pioneer within the rapidly growing UTM sector, and has successfully tackled the challenges of integrating unmanned drones within the manned aviation space by providing the world’s most advanced UTM solution.

We have facilitated safe and controlled VLOS and BVLOS drone operations in the lower level airspace by spearheading the implementation of Networked Remote ID by use of cellular-based retrofitted transponders to track and monitor drones in the U-Space.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to enable millions of drone flights globally on a daily basis in the safest and the most technologically advanced way possible – where our system delivers the required oversight and management of the drone airspace seamlessly, whether it is a single drone flight or a multitude of operations.

Message from the CEO.

AstraUTM represents the culmination of a set of vague, amorphous and continuously evolving amalgam of concepts that have slowly and deliberately gelled into a rock solid, coherent product backed by an incredible team of “techno-perts”. Our team’s inherent ability to comprehend, extend and innovate on a set of basic principles is something that never ceases to amaze me. While as a leader, my job is to provide a vision and to motivate others to embrace that vision, I am constantly aware of how much a two way street this journey has become and how this continuous, reinforced feedback loop is propelling us into a brave new future. Our greatest strength as a team and as an organization is the willingness to sacrifice who we are for who we want to be.

We are nothing without each other but everything together.
Our adventure is just beginning!!

Asam Khan


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