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What is AstraUTM ?

AstraUTM is an advanced full stack UTM system that caters to Authorities, ANSPs, Solution Developers and Drone operators, with tools and applications encompassing all possible UTM workflows.

Who is it for ?

AstraUTM provides a range of features that encompass all the requirements of its customers

Authorities & ANSPs

Customizable Registries, Flight Approval work-flows & compliance monitoring.


Fleet management and UTM connected drone solutions.

Drone Operators

Mobile Applications delivering the full workflow set at the system level with built in DJI SDK flight control.

AstraUTM Benefits.

Traffic Management

AstraUTM enables the authorities to track the airspace traffic with advanced tactical and dynamic deconfliction for safe operations

Regulatory Compliance

AstraUTM’s adherence to regulatory authority Standards and Procedures ensures safe and compliant operations


AstraUTM is able to communicate and interact with various systems via standard interfaces to consume data from third party providers and stream data to interested stakeholders


AstraUTM is highly customizable to cater to the requirements of its clients while establishing custom rules and validations across the platform


AstraUTM is ISO 27001 certified and implements leading industry security standards providing a secure platform for enterprises.

Future Proof

The platform supports integration of new systems and services to provide the latest and innovative features to our clients


AstraUTM is a containerized micro-services architecture based solution with dedicated compute, bandwidth and storage for each service module enabling the possibility of scaling from servicing a few drone operations to thousands of operations without to having to re-architect the solution infrastructure

AstraUTM is a provider of UAS services within the FAA’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC).

AstraUTM has successfully facilitated over 50,000 drone flights globally.

This number is set to increase exponentially to over 2 million flights a year by 2027

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