The future of UTM is here.

Astra UTM is the worlds most advanced UTM platform providing unparalleled functionality to ANSPs, Enterprise and Drone Operators.

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What is Astra?

Astra is an advanced full stack UTM system that caters to Authorities, ANSPs, Solution Developers and Drone operators, with tools and applications encompassing all possible UTM workflows.

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Who is it for?

  • Authorities and ANSPs: Customisable Registries, Flight Approval work-flows and compliance monitoring.

  • Enterprise: Fleet management and UTM connected drone solutions. 

  • Drone Operators: iOS & Android Mobile Applications delivering the full workflow set at the system level. Registration, Flight Approvals, Telemetry Reporting, Alerts & Notifications, and built in DJI SDK flight control. 

Astra: Functionality & Performance, Unlocked.

Astra has the best visualization on any platform globally – whether it’s displaying planned flight requests, plotting real-time traffic data or visualizing potential conflicts. But that’s not all…

Operator and Drone

Drone & Pilot Registries with  customizable data fields that comply to your requirements. 

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Flight Requests &

Workflows for Manual or Automated Flight Approvals with Customizable datasets. 

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Real-Time Traffic

Total Situational Awareness and Management with ATM-UTM Consolidated Traffic Monitoring.

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The worlds most advanced UTM Deconfliction Engine with configurable priority and TAS.

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AIM/AIP Integration and Geo-Layer Engine with Rules Definition & Validation Capability.

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Dynamic Risk

Risk profiling for Flight Approvals and Pilot Behavior. Automate approvals for low-risk operations. 

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Billing & Commercialisation

Monetising U-space with subscription & pay as you go capabilities.

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Integration with Third-Party Insurance providers to cater to UAS operator requirements. 

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Simplified API integration with Non-Cooperative Detection System (RF & Radar).

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Configuration & Localisation

An advanced configuration and localization admin panel with unlimited possibilities.

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CAT-62 Integration for utilizing ATM feed and consolidation of traffic feeds.

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Communications & Alerts

SMS & App Notifications and Alerts & Real-Time Communication with Operators. 

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Astra Launched

Astra, previously known as Utmosphere was launched in 2015 in Dubai. 

30K +

Drone Operators Supported

Astra supports more than 30K drone operators globally to plan and manage their flights. 


UTM Solutions

UTM is the key to enabling the drone revolution. See how Astra is being used in Dubai and New Zealand.

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Real Time Drone Tracking & Monitoring

Astra utilizes open network publishing architecture APIs for telemetry integration. Astra plots and visualizes real-time drone traffic, by receiving telemetry via a cellular network connection or broadcast identification protocols such as Wifi and BLE.

  • Cellular Based Tracking Options: 2G/3G/4G Transponders ranging from 58 to 128 grams in weight. 

  • Broadcast based Long-Range Bluetooth (3Km range) weighing 28 grams. 

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Non-Cooperative Integration

Astra integrates with all the leading Non-Cooperative Detection Platforms/Hardware. Astra ingests all non-cooperative data from RF or Radar equipment and fuses in the consolidated traffic monitor and providing validation for cooperative and non-cooperative flights.

  • Astra provides standard and customized APIs for Drone Detection Systems to integrate data feed over the network.

  • Astra utilises advanced algorithm for identifying and validating cooperative traffic from non-cooperative traffic feeds – such as serial number look-up, telemetry data and flight profile matching. 

Deconfliction Engine – Launching April 2020

Astra Deconfliction Engine currently under beta-testing will provide deconfliction services at take-off, inflight and landing stages for all (VLOS, EVLOS & BVLOS) U-Space flights.

  • Advanced conflict detection and mitigation algorithm with configurable Priority/Right of Way Rules. 

  • Strategic, Pre-Tactical and Tactical Deconfliction for varying zones and operational scenarios. 

How it works?

Astra is primarily available as a cloud-based UTM service. It can also be deployed locally within your organizations data-centre.

Enabling the Drone Economy Worldwide.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of UTM in enabling the Drone Economy across industry verticals.

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